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For too long the F&I marketplace has forced dealers to choose between two extremes: either a slow, rigid “Big Box” provider that comes with high costs, or local F&I agents who can offer flexibility and lower costs, but do not have the resources, support, and expertise you need. We are here to change all that with new disruptive products, simplified cost structures, incremental profit centers, and a more customized, transparent approach to partnering with dealers.



Every dealership is different, and one solution never fits all. RTDA collaborates with dealers to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs. We also offer turnkey solutions that make growth and transparency easy. Our 1:1 consulting approach means you will never be forced into programs you do not need, and we will always be here to help drive measurable results.

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Change the way your customers think about service. For a low monthly fee, payGO is the first ever subscription-based service plan that allows customers to protect their vehicles on their own terms, without cookie-cutter month and mileage restrictions. Offering the convenient payGO app maximizes customer retention and satisfaction by making transactions effortless, manageable, and affordable. This is a revolutionary win-win for you and your customers.

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Industry veteran, Eric Dragoo, Founder & CEO and his partner, Bryan Wilburn have set out to reimagine and disrupt the F&I Industry in a truly dealer centric way. ‘We recognize the industry is not in need of just another F&I provider, but we believe the industry is in desperate need of a game changer – a different kind of F&I provider. One that is truly Dealer centric and offers dealers the best of both worlds – the scale, support and expertise of a ‘Big Box’ provider combined with the flexibility, stability in personnel and efficiencies of an Independent Agent.’

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"Risk Theory Dealer Advisors really surprised us and showed us that not all F&I companies are the same anymore. They have a refreshingly different perspective and unique approach to the industry, and they provided us with a multitude of creative options and attractive ways to increase our bottom line. RTDA brought us innovative new products and the most competitive and transparent reinsurance structure we’ve ever seen. We’re surpassing our objectives with them as our partner and think they’re the ‘shot in the arm’ that the industry has needed for quite some time."

- Nadi Malek, Managing Partner
Sunnyside Acura, Nashua NH

"The Risk Theory Dealer Advisors. The financial class was excellent! Very hands on, worked really close and intimate with the participants. As a Sales Manager myself, this class is not only for a business manager, this class works well for all aspects of sales and management. It breaks down so many different levels of management and sales from awareness to even a relationship, to even introduction and closing. This company has the best interest for the dealer as well as the management staff. You can tell these guys genuinely love this business, and it shows in their teaching. Great company with excellent training skills enjoyed the class."

- Damon Stinson, Sales Manager
Southern Motors Honda

"When we first met with Risk Theory Dealer Advisors, I was amazed at the amount of time they took to get to know more about me and the opportunities within my store. We discussed the variety of structures they had and they tailor-made one specifically for our needs. All this, plus the overall improvement in my F&I department with their specialized training, has indeed confirmed my decision to partner with Risk Theory Dealer Advisors."

- Leigh Bullock, Dealer
Bullock Toyota Louisville, MS

"Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for the training class I recently attended. The course was great and a refreshing take on F & I. I especially enjoyed the parts about the emotional quotient/ intelligence and becoming more of a consultant than a salesman. It was a different take on how to go about increasing PVR and creating a great customer experience. I look forward to working with you more on learning different ways to accomplish goals in F & I. Hopefully I will make it to part 2 of the training next year. "

- Derrick E Futrell, Finance Manager
Springfield Chrysler Auto Mart

"Our decision to move to Risk Theory Dealer Advisors improved our F&I performance as a result of our expanded product line up and training and support. The bonus of the aggressive and efficient product pricing spectrum coupled with the systematic approach to our sales process lead our dealership to a significant improvement in retail sales volume, a massive boost to our F&I department and multiple extremely satisfied customers. Our partnership with Risk Theory Dealer Advisors has resulted in a series of consecutive record-breaking performances for our entire retail operation, and we are extremely optimistic about our future together!"

- Clent & Derek Maggio, Dealer
Maggio Buick GMC New Roads, LA

"I just wanted to reach out to both of you and express my appreciation. The training that you provided was excellent! I look forward to putting to use many of the strategies and techniques. The fact that you encourage us to implement our style is even more exciting. Thank you both, and I do look forward to becoming a better financial planner and conversationalist with our Southern Motors customers. After attending this class, I look forward to making better use of my new found knowledge!"

- John Evans, Finance Manager
Southern Motors Honda

"Risk Theory Dealer Advisors gave my dealership and employees an easy transition when I made the decision to switch companies. RTDA has brought superior service and products. RTDA gave me options and flexibility on how I want to improve and run my F&I department to maximize my economics. "

- Mr. Jimmy Walker, Laurel Ford Lincoln Kia
Laurel, Mississippi

"The main lessons that I learned from this training was that you could never stop learning. This training helped me to relearn the menu in a simple approach and significantly increased my productivity by simplifying the technics. Always follow the triple E's, everything, every time to everybody. I have become more aware of the psychology of sales, i.e., think before speaking and ask open-ended questions. These techniques have been a useful tool, So far my personnel PVR is under 2k. I highly recommend this training for anyone in management, as it will enhance their skills. The approach is beneficial and highly productive. I am amazed at how we make complicated those simple things; this training reminds us to keep it simple."

- Leo Dionosio, Finance Manager
Holden Motors

"The transition to RTDA with our products and reinsurance could not have been any easier. Their team kicked the store off, trained the entire staff, and make the process seamless. They are easy to work with and responsive to all my needs. Their team is second to none in the F&I arena, and we value their partnership."

- Brian Bice, Dealer
Bice Chrysler Jeep Dodge Alexander, AL

"The decision to do business with RTDA was not taken lightly. After making the decision, I wish I had done so sooner. They are a true partner who establishes relationships throughout the store and have made a significant impact on the overall profitability in all areas of the dealership. They are in our store weekly providing training and finding ways to improve sales and service operations every time they are here"

- Steve Ayers, Dealer
High Country Toyota Scottsboro, AL

"Six months ago, I switched from a national firm to Risk Theory Dealer Advisors for F&I products and related support. It was the best decision I’ve made in a while! My New and Used front end grosses are up and my F&I PVR is up over $500 since I switched to RTDA. And, my Salespeople are more attuned to the F&I process, and our chargebacks are down. Not to mention that our product costs are lower with Risk Theory, which has enabled me to raise my packs/overrides significantly. Our RTDA rep, Raul Tirado, has been an excellent addition to our support team. And Judd Mourning, Josh Danielson up to Eric Dragoo has been terrific to work with as well. I highly recommend Risk Theory Dealer Advisors to any new franchised car dealer."

- John Buelow, Dealer
Flagship Ford Baldwin, WI

"I wanted to share my appreciation as it relates to our business relationship with Risk Theory Dealer Advisors, specifically the service and consultation we receive from Raul Tirado, Josh Danielson, and Judd Mourning. We have partnered with Risk Theory Dealer Advisors to help us optimize our growth with their attention to all of my departments. Coming into our 6th month with Risk Theory Dealer Advisors, we have seen our F&I departments growth exceed my expectations. They work with all departments in our store to ensure we are working towards the same goal. Raul and team have been working on the front-end sales process that has resulted in double-digit increases month over month. This unique approach has created a better customer experience, and as a result of it, our business is booming! We now have a consistent process in our F&I office to coincide with the sales process that is optimizing retail unit growth and F&I profit increases. These are challenging times and Risk Theory Dealer Advisors have given us new ways of maximizing our profits while keeping our customer experience at an all-time high. "

- Joel Krusemark, Dealer
Diamond Buick GMC South Alexandria, MN

"I want to take a moment and make a strong recommendation on behalf of Risk Theory Dealer Advisors and more specifically Raul Tirado, Josh Danielson, and Judd Mourning. We partnered with Risk Theory Dealer Advisors as it relates to the income development of our F&I department in addition to playing an interictal part in growing our Front-End operations. In the time we have been working with Raul, Josh, and Judd, we have faced many challenges, including different personnel. Regardless of the situation, we continue to see sustainable growth in our Front-End and Back-End profits through their one on one approach with my team. Risk Theory Dealer Advisors has brought a positive change to my organization, and as a result, our staff is growing, and our customer experience is the best it’s ever been. RTDA’S consistent approach to helping my team grow has dramatically enhanced our performance and has helped create a culture that embraces our core values. We couldn’t be happier with the direction we are headed and rely on Raul, Josh, and Judd to help us get there. The auto industry is ever-changing, and that couldn’t be more evident today. I couldn’t think of a more optimal time to take a look at what Risk Theory Dealer Advisors can do to help your combat today’s margin compression challenges. "

- Tom Krusemark, Dealer
Valu Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Morris, MN