We offer a host of financial structures

Risk Theory Dealer Advisors (RTDA) has unmatched optionality and flexibility to provide Dealers with the most competitive, custom tailored and cost-efficient profit participation programs in the industry.

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Producer Owned Reinsurance Company (PORC/CFC)
The dealer, or persons designated by the dealer, generally are the majority shareholders of the CFC and have all the authority over how the business is organized and managed under applicable law. Commonly domiciled in Turks and Caicos Islands (or similar), they can be formed quickly and enjoy a less burdensome regulatory environment.

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Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC)
Dealers forms a separate C-Corp as an Obligor company licensed in all states where Dealership(s) are located. The DOWC then, in essence, becomes the product provider and has significant control over the program details.

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Contingent Compensation Agreement (RETRO)
A retro arrangement is a contractual agreement between the F&I product provider and the producing dealership(s), where the provider agrees to return a portion of the underwriting profits associated with the dealership(s) production under specific conditions.

To complement these great programs, we offer Volume Bonuses and our Innovative Monetization Program, each designed to enable us to meet your specific needs.

One Admin Fee…… All RTDA profit participation programs come with just ONE Admin Fee. This simple, transparent approach is unique in the market. Additive fees such as Ceding Fees, Misc. Fees and Loss Adjustment Expense that are regularly embedded into their cost structures are NOT included in any of our financial structures. In addition to these fees serving to significantly increase the cost and reduce the profitability for Dealers, they are often unknown or misunderstood which makes the matter even worse.

Our straightforward, consultative approach is just another example of how RTDA is re-imagining and disrupting the F&I industry. Whether you are looking for the longer-term profitability of a reinsurance or retro program or if you would prefer to recognize profits sooner, RTDA has the most efficient, competitive and transparent solutions to meet your needs and optimize your profitability.

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